Sustainable E-commerce

In the world of E-commerce there is only one constant: change.

Consumers are changing. Products are changing. Technology is changing. And legislation is changing.

Constantly in motion

As an E-commerce professional, you are operating in an environment that is constantly in motion. New opportunities and unexpected threats are cropping up all the time, new markets are presenting themselves, suppliers are going bankrupt, governments are introducing new laws. You are opening a new distribution centre, changing your delivery service. You are going international. Your web shop must be responsive, and you want to add a mobile app. Sound familiar?


Imagine having an E-commerce organisation at your disposal that is flexible enough to allow you to respond rapidly to all those changes. What cost savings would you make? By how much would your turnover increase?

Sustainable E-commerce

We at PROJAXION believe in what we call 'Sustainable E-commerce' – in other words, E-commerce that is future-proof. E-commerce with change built in. Projaxion’s E-commerce solutions enable you to try out new ideas quickly and to follow new developments closely.

Linked chain

We have structured the chain in such a way that you can add, expand or replace links without impacting or influencing the rest of the organisation.

Do you want to know how sustainable and flexible your E-commerce can be from now on?