About us

Our mission is to manage the most customer-focused E-commerce supply chain in the world.

Simplicity and standards

We believe in the power of simplicity and standardised procedures for making complex processes manageable and cost-efficient.

Projaxion’s core activity is the facilitation of large-scale sales and loyalty programmes, on behalf of Project Partners (so-called ‘Trusted Sources’, with an extensive internally and externally focused partner database).

By means of a standardised way of operating, Projaxion provides a sustainable solution to all the participants in large-scale E-commerce projects.

Strategic cooperation

As a client of Projaxion, you will benefit directly from our own expertise, our extensive network of expert partners and the power of our strategic cooperation agreements.

Projaxion takes an independent and neutral position, so that the interests of clients are optimally protected.

One Stop Solution

Projaxion offers a One-Stop Solution, whereby you as client are not required to do anything as regards the execution of the project.

The technology and method employed by Projaxion are geared for the 21st century. Projaxion is, after all, a trade name of 21stPartners B.V.

Would you like to know how Projaxion will make your E-commerce project a success?

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