Customer-focused E-commerce

The consumer has changed drastically in the past couple of years.

The purchasing process is increasingly taking place on the web, out of the direct sight of retailers. Customers share good and bad experiences in real time via social media.

Excellente Customer Service

Retailers who fail to optimise their customer’s journey from start to finish can no longer compete. Several spectacular bankruptcies in the last couple of years in the retail sector spoke volumes. Excellent customer service throughout the line is more important today than ever.

As strong as the weakest link

At PROJAXION we believe that the weakest link is what determines the customer’s experience ultimately. Though a web shop may be ever so user-friendly, if the customer receives the wrong product, or if it’s delivered late, or in damaged packaging, that is what will determine the overall feeling.

Most customer-focused E-commerce chain

That is why successful E-commerce companies are those that are fully customer-focused from the first to the last link.

And it is our mission to be the most customer-focused E-commerce chain in the world.

Do you want to know what PROJAXION can achieve for your company by guaranteeing control and understanding of the entire supply chain?

We will be pleased to explain our method, illustrated with some interesting business cases.